A way to meet you in the place where you live: your body.

I call my work “bodywork” as an umbrella term, as a wide spectrum of trainings and traditions have gone into the toolbox. These areas include 5 Element Acupressure, Craniosacral work in the Visionary (tm) tradition, whole food nutrition, Western oil massage techniques, pregnancy massage,  Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy, clinical Ayurveda, and Shiatsu.


In my session room there is a standard massage table and a couple of chairs.  Every client and I start each session with some water or tea and discussion. Sometimes we read pulse, sometimes we head right to the table work, or floor, in the case of a full Shiatsu session.

The bodywork that I practice is soft-touch and clothed.  (With the exception of the Arvigo Maya abdominal therapy, which is an oil-based massage.)  The client lies on the table (often with props for comfort) and I sit or stand beside them.  (It helps if you come wearing comfortable clothes without a lot of buttons or buckles.  Pajamas or yoga clothes are ideal, but if you forget and arrive in your jeans, that’s fine, too.)  I work with the meridians and energetics of the bones to gently invite, adjust, remind, and fine-tune the body’s innate sense of harmony to support optimal health, well-being, freedom, and ease.

Based on our discussion and the client's intention we may also discuss self-care, diet, and lifestyle.  I take notes, the client takes the original, I keep a copy.  I emphasize self-care, accessible shift, and hopeful growth.

The aim of THIS work is to help you feEl well.