"That was better than confetti cake."

-E, 8

"I took my 8 year old son to see Willa for some realignment after he'd suffered a mild concussion. While that was the intention, I left with a whole new sense of appreciation for Willa's talents, and the realization that my son was craving this sort of experience.  Willa's warm, compassionate, thoughtful approach to her work created space for my usually rambunctious, and somewhat anxious, 8 year old to tune into his calmer side and feel totally at peace. When we left the session, I asked him what he thought of it, and he said he wanted to return because it was "better than cake." High praise from an 8 year old who loves cake and running around!  We will add regular visits to Willa to our routine, as giving my son that space for calm and inward focus is priceless"

-BOM, mom of E, 8 years old.  

"I came to Willa’s table after hitting my head on a sharp object. The whole next day I had a headache, was forgetful and disoriented, and could feel that my whole body was tense from the shock. Willa held space for my vulnerability and, with the kind of touch that only a deep and practiced healer can provide, managed to make my headache and most of my tension dissipate. She’s magical!" -EN, 29

"Willa Mamet is one of the most genuine, strong, and caring healers I've ever known. She's dedicated to her work out out of a sense of love for what she does and devotion to the well-being of her clients. She's a dedicated learner, forever deepening her skills and expanding her capacities. Being with Willa is one of my favorite expressions of self love. " -LP, 35

"The most striking thing that Willa brings with her is a quiet, grounded and loving presence. I can bring her anything that troubles me, and my experience is that she accepts it, holds a space for it, and I am unburdened. This is a great gift. It makes it a joy to work with Willa. And did I mention she also has great hands?’" -HM, 63

"Willa creates a healing space unlike any other.  It is quiet and nurturing and frees both you and she up to form a powerful partnership focused on addressing those physical, spiritual, or emotional ailments or imbalances that prompted you to seek her help in the first place.  Willa's style is warm, her intent pure, her knowledge vast, and her abilities formidable." - J, 50

"Willa is a warm, kind, no-nonsense healer with a wealth of knowledge and ideas for self-care. She has provided me with helpful, healing, loving techniques for taking care of my body and soul. She listens without judgment, recommends practical and achievable regimens, and is always available to answer questions and receive feedback. My body, my mind and my soul are so grateful that I get to work with her. " - AF, 30