I see clients Monday through Thursday at 10 AM, 2PM, and 4PM.


I charge $100/hr.  First sessions are always two hours, to accommodate a proper intake and discussion of the goals of our work together.  Sessions thereafter are ninety minutes (or longer, if we determine together). My experience teaches that deep healing and transformation happen best with at least ninety minutes.


For those of you who know you’d like to work on something strongly for a period of time: six ninety minute session for the price of five.   

If you are coming specifically for Arvigo Maya abdominal massage, there is a two session minimum. The massage includes instruction in self-care massage and the second session is to ensure your comfort with the work and continue you on a good path. For longer-term and especially fertility work, the recommended course is to start with one month of weekly sessions and/or three months of one month of weekly sessions and two months of bi-weekly or monthly sessions, then reassess.


Please give me at least 48 hours notice to change or cancel your appointment.  (This means 48 hours from the time of your appointment.)  Otherwise you will be financially responsible for the time.  This holds true for barter arrangements as well.


Charged in twenty minute increments at my usual rate, these phone consultations may be used in between appointments for information on acupressure points, diet, self-care, etc.  (No charge for answering brief questions – ie: “one tablespoon or two?”)


Available for all occasions!  What a gift to give someone!


Feel free to park anywhere in the neighborhood – just be sure to read the signs to avoid the dreaded street cleaning tickets!  Ashby is the closest BART station.  Please LOCK your bike!


A lovely cat lives in my home.  There are also many feathers in my session room.  The space is well-cleaned, but please take note in case you are severely allergic.  I also burn sage, cedar, and palo santo from time to time, so please let me know if you’d like me NOT to and I’m happy to accommodate. 


The session room is on the second floor with about twenty steps.  If this set-up won't work for your needs, please let me know and we can arrange for me to come to you.


I do travel with my table, or for pulse consultations, for an extra charge.  (Pricing depends on how far and how many sessions, so please just ask.)