Here’s the thing: it feels better to feel better.

Whatever you’re avoiding you’ve probably been avoiding for a really, really good reason.  The other thing is, though, that it might not be such a good reason ANYMORE.  (Or it may not be the ONLY reason anymore.)  Our bodies, our minds, our hearts, all the rings of us are designed to survive.  We put on a slicker in the rain so we can weather the storm.  But sometimes we forget to take the coat off inside.  Maybe we take off the coat, but not the boots.  And we might not even notice, in our rush to get out of the weather, in our busyness, in the thrum and pace of our mundanities.  But then days or years go by and we wonder why the house is so muddy and how come we can’t get to that itch on the bottom of our feet.  And forget sleeping - so awkward.

The initial reason for the boots was REAL.  And, we say to ourselves, “It may well rain again.”  Also real.  Meanwhile our feet itch and the floor’s getting crusty.

So now what?  If it may well rain again, NOW WHAT?

Now: availability.  We talk about Strong and Weak or Question and Answer, but really we need neither.  What we need is the capacity to change.  What we need is the capacity to respond appropriately.  What we need is to be Available to ourselves - that whatever we have is actually at our disposal and whatever we might need we are free to seek and to integrate.  

How to take off the boots?

How to have them nearby?  

Maybe even clean and oil them, so they’re ready to go IF/WHEN NEEDED?

For twenty years I took photographs.  People would ask me what I photographed and I’d respond, “No particular subject, just the light.”  And then when I became a bodyworker there were some friends and family (and occasionally my own voice) who wondered, “Where’s the through-line?”

It turns out the through-line is Witness.  I’m made for Seeing the Thing.  All these tools - the maps and the assessments, my endless curiosity about bodies and hearts, this Big Mouth who cannot help but speak - move in service of seeing what’s true.  Which changes, even as we witness and express it.  It changes BECAUSE we witness and express it.

So: I’m here to help Witness and Express what wants to been Seen and Heard.  To build a safe room where all the details belong to you and whatever needs be said may be said.  Whatever needs be heard may be heard.  And true Contact may be made, held with skilled ears, eyes, heart and hands, in the interest of  moving beyond surviving - beyond nightmares, beyond body pain, beyond a drowning Heart or foggy Mind.

Moving toward a life in which you are truly available to yourself.  That’s what I’m here for.