In 2009 a bodyworker saved my life- and piqued my curiosity - and that, as they say, was that.  Since then I’ve studied clinical Ayurveda, craniosacral work, acupressure and Five Element theory, Shiatsu, and Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage.   I like to live dangerously, risking life and limb regularly by living and loving near Towering Piles of Books on All Subjects.

I have a private holistic health practice in North Oakland, CA, and teach all over.  You may find me teaching Acupressure and 5 Element Theory at the McKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland, CA, as well as assisting in the lucky spot beside my heroes, DeAnna Batdorff, Hugh Milne, Kayla Becker, and Pamela Clare Wylie Samuelson.

When not busy squishing people or learning new words, I moonlight as a country singer.

c. Nivea Castro

c. Nivea Castro

More About Willa's Education


Ayurvedic Pulse, Elemental Theory, Clinical Aromatherapy, Whole food nutrition

DeAnna Batdorff

The Dhyana Center


Craniosacral Work

Hugh Milne

The Milne Institute


Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage

Kayla Becker + Amanda Porter

Arvigo Maya Abominal Therapy


Acupressure, Five Element Theory, Ashiatsu, Tui Na

Kyle Miura DAOM, LAC, DIPLOM + Kathleen Davis + Brian O'Dea + Kathy Kapps + Alice Hiatt

The Acupressure Institute.  Sadly, the Acupressure Institute no longer exists, but happily many of their fine teachers now teach at McKinnon.


Pregnancy Massage, Swedish Massage, Anatomy, SHIATSU

McKinnon Body Therapy Center


BA Deaf Studies

Brown University